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Insulation Values
The lower the 'U' Value of a material the better the materials insulation properties are. The properties of Spray foam are superior to other Insulations. In other words it takes less thickness to achieve the same insulation values as a other materials.

A 75mm layer of sprayfoam applied to the underside of a slate or tiled roof, is sufficient to achieve a U-value of 0.25W/m2K.

Because its spray applied and cures in seconds, it means that any thickness can be applied depending on requirements.

Slate and Tile Underspray

With 100mm of fiberglass at ceiling level and a thickness of 85mm of Sprayfoam on the underside of the slates or tiles, the 'U'-value of the roof will be reduced from 0.34W/m2K to 0.16W/m2K, which is better than current Building Regulations.

By spraying a concrete floor with 60mm of Sprayfoam Insulation and laying a conventional 75mm screed on top, a 'U' Value of 0.22W/m2K can be achieved.

Inch for inch Polyurethane spray foam will outperform all other insulations everytime.

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